Special-Lite Doors and Frames
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AF-200BR3 Door

AF-217BR3 Door

AF-219-1BR3 Door

AF-220BR3 Door


AF-BR3 LK (Lite Kit)

AF-BR3 AST (T-Astragal)

AF-BR3 MULL (Mullion)


Ballistic Composite Fiberglass Door and Frame


Composite Fiberglass Ballistic Door and Frame Provides Safety and Long-Term Performance

The AF-200BR3, AF-217BR3, AF-219-1BR3 and AF-220BR3 are all fiberglass doors. These ballistic doors and frames offer a huge variety of face sheet textures and colors, in the size you need for new construction or renovation! Incredible strength and resistant to corrosion.

Ballistic entrances support the increasing need for security at K-12 schools, Colleges and Universities. Our ballistic entrances are perfect for government and military facilities where protection Level 3 is needed.


Features & Benefits

  • Independent lab tested
  • ANSI UL-752, Level 3
    NIJ-STD-0108.01, Level 3A
  • Pultruded FRP stile and rail construction with mitered corners, ballistic panel mortised into stiles and rails, surrounded with 6.2#/cf closed-cell thermoplastic and recycled polymer foam with factory bonded face sheets for durability.
  • Compatible with most ballistic hardware. (No CVRs or SL-301)
  • Any size needed up to 4’ x 8’ maximum net size per leaf
  • Single or Pairs
  • Ballistic AF-150BR3 Frame
  • Ballistic AF-BR3LK Lite Kit
  • Ballistic AF-MULLION