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Rustic Wood Grain Fiberglass Door



Flush Wood Grain Door — Endless Design Possibilities

Special-Lite® SL-19 AMP Flush Wood Grain Door combines traditional styling with the advantages of modern engineering and materials to deliver high performance and long life. The SL-19 entry door has a wood grain texture and projects the rich, warm appearance of a traditional flush wood door.


Features and Benefits
At the Core of our Door’s Strength is our Flush Door’s Core

The poured-in-place urethane core of our SL-19 AMP Flush Wood Grain Door is not just a passive filler — it’s a functional component that contributes significantly to the durability of Special-Lite® Flush Exterior and Interior Doors. After the door has been completely assembled, the core material is injected using our proprietary foam injection technology, ensuring a complete fill with a minimum five pounds per cubic foot density.

This strong, lightweight, structural urethane foam bonds firmly to the rails, stiles, reinforcements and face sheets to transform the entrance door into a solid, completely sealed unit with incredible impact resistance and flexural strength. Our urethane foam won’t absorb or be damaged by water.


Building Applications

The SL-19 features a realistic wood grain appearance without the disadvantages of a real wood door. Since the AMP surfaces cannot rust or rot and the urethane foam is impervious to moisture or water, our AMP flush doors provide years of long service life in environments that cause other doors to quickly deteriorate. Building types include educational, municipal, restaurant, retail and religious facilities.