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Aluminum Plank Door

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Better by Design

NuPlank doors combine the aesthetics of an aluminum plank door with the benefits of a more efficient design—reduced weight, improved appearance, robust construction and greater durability even in corrosive environments and heavy traffic entrances.


Features and Benefits

  • Custom fabricated to order
  • Constructed of 1-3⁄4" thick x 5" wide tubular aluminum stile extrusions with fluted face texture
  • All extrusions 6063-T6 aluminum alloy
  • Lock stile tube deep enough to accept mortise hardware
  • Anodized finishes Class 1 (0.7 millimeters) as standard
  • Kynar® paint colors available to match any color preference
  • Matching vision lite kits for 1⁄4" or 1" glazing
  • Available in singles or pairs with maximum door size of 80" x 240"
  • Hardware suitable for 1-3⁄4" thick door can be factory applied
  • 10-year warranty


Enhanced Structural Benefits

  • Simplified and optimized aluminum extrusion profiles conserve material and reduce total door weight
  • For increased strength and durability:

Minimum of three full-width 3⁄8" (9.5mm) diameter

  • Galvanized steel tie rods
  • Lock stiles are .125" typical wall thickness
  • Hinge stiles are .125" web wall thickness with .105" face wall thickness
  • Intermediate tube face wall thickness is 0.105"
  • Additional .125" thick closer reinforcement on both sides of door
  • Tighter clearances on tie rod through-holes in all tubes to increase resistance to door sagging
  • Center tie rod secured in lock stile with rivet nut eliminate access holes and unsightly, troublesome cover caps
  • .125" thick top and bottom trim caps secured by screws into splines inside the tubes maintain plank alignment