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Special-Lite® Restroom Partitions

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The Solution for Your Restroom Challenges

Special-Lite® Restroom Partitions are the ideal choice for restrooms that are expected to endure heavy use and frequent abuse—such as K-12 schools, universities, dormitories, stadiums, parks, rest areas and retail facilities. Custom fabricated for each order using the same materials and processes as the Special-Lite® SL-17 FRP door, they're remarkably durable and can withstand mistreatment and willful abuse. They're also perfect for corrosive environments that quickly degrade metal partitions, like those found in and around locker rooms, pools, showers, spas and coastal areas.


Designed for the Real World

Our product design approach is unique in the industry. Instead of making our products heavier and more rigid to make them tougher, we make our toilet partitions lighter and more flexible—so they can roll with the punches, kicks and whatever else happens to them. It may seem counterintuitive, but decades of experience prove that it works.


Creating a Safe, Clean Environment

It's a fact that when buildings appear clean and well maintained, people are more likely to respect the facilities.

Since our panels are manufactured with the same materials and processes as our GREENGUARD Certified doors, they won't compromise indoor air quality.