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All Fiberglass Smooth Pultruded Door

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High Strength All Fiberglass Pultruded Door

We're the only door manufacturer in the world that pultrudes heavy-duty completely sealed industrial Fiberglass FRP Doors. All of our doors are 1-3/4" thick, hermetically sealed and immune to moisture and corrosive gasses or liquids.


Features and Benefits


Doors Can Withstand Harsh Environments

Our products are ideal for corrosive environments that quickly destroy even stainless steel doors. These include industrial facilities where regular sanitization is required, such as clean rooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food processing, as well as locations that by their nature are inherently corrosive to steel doors, such as petrochemical plants, pulp and paper mills, wastewater treatment facilities, marine and more.

Our Fiberglass FRP Doors are dimensionally and aesthetically equivalent to hollow metal doors but offer performance, durability, and longevity that hollow metal doors cannot match. In addition to all this, the resin for our doors is FDA and USDA compliant.


Customize the AF-100 Door with Pultruded Fiberglass Molding

Enhance the flat, smooth look of the All Fiberglass Pultruded Door by adding a raised, fiberglass molding to the surface of the door. The result is a custom, paneled door appearance.