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Fire Rated Fiberglass Doors for Commercial Buildings

If you love one or all of our Special-Lite fiberglass doors, did you know we have a harmonizing fire-rated model available too? Special-Lite is the manufacturing leader for fiberglass doors. In 35+ years, we migrated from the first and best fiberglass school door into a multitude of markets and industries – all having unique door needs. One of those needs is a fire-rated fiberglass door, to use in rated entrance locations to match our door products. We solved this need through engineering, and by challenging our expert craftspeople to manufacture fire-rated fiberglass doors and frames. They are perfect for new construction or retrofit projects.

We offer two fire-rated fiberglass door types: FRP/Stainless Steel & Fiberglass.

FRP/Stainless Steel Fire Rated Doors

SL-21 FRP SpecLite3 Pebble Grain Door (use with SL-17)
SL-22 AMP Wood Grain Door (use with SL-18 & SL-19)
SL-23 FRP Sandstone texture Door (use with SL-20)

Special-Lite builds FRP/Stainless Steel fire-rated doors using a fire-resistant mineral core in 30, 45, 60, and 90-minute rated versions. We chemically bond FRP face sheets to this mineral core. We screw-apply the stainless edges, then weld and buff the corners. Stainless steel vision lite kits are also an available option!

Fiberglass Fire Rated Doors

FR-20, 45, 60, 90 FR Series Smooth All Fiberglass Door (use with AF-100 or AF-200)
FR-20P, 45P, 60P, 90P FR Series SpecLite3 Pebble Grain Door (use with AF-217 or SL-17)
FR-20S, 45S, 60S, 90S FR Series FRP Sandstone Texture Door (use with AF-220 or SL-20)

Special-Lite’s Fiberglass fire-rated door construction does not utilize stainless steel door edges, but instead has a painted, matching fiberglass edge around perimeter of door. We construct these doors with a fire-rated mineral core featuring edge blocking for superior screw hold performance. We again chemically bond FRP face sheets to the mineral core. You can order these fiberglass fire-rated doors in many size variations, with fire ratings from 20 to 90 minutes.