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Fiberglass Doors for Commercial Buildings

Special-Lite has been the leader in flush doors since 1971 when we first introduced our aluminum flush door. Since then a lot has changed, but not our strong approach to handcrafted quality. Our made to order commercial doors can be customized to create Entrances That Brand your building. Fiberglass is an excellent material for use in schools, colleges and universities, water/wastewater treatment facilities, restaurants, clean rooms, healthcare, hotels, arenas, recreational centers - just about anywhere a building owner wants an entrance that is low maintenance, durable and inviting.

FRP/Aluminum Hybrid Doors

SL-17 Pebble Grain
SL-18 Wood Grain Colonial
SL-19 Wood Grain Rustic
SL-19-1 Grain Contemporary
SL-20 Sandstone Textured
BasiX Commercial Service Door

All of our FRP/Aluminum Hybrid Doors are constructed with stiles and rails of extruded 6063-T6 aluminum alloys with mitered corners and angle blocks secured by 3/8” diameter full width galvanized steel tie rods. Face sheets are rabbeted and secured on all four sides by full-length integral reglets on the edges of the stiles and rails to form a truly flush door. The core is a poured-in-place closed cell urethane foam that is a minimum of 5-lb./cubic foot density. This strong, lightweight, structural urethane foam bonds firmly to the rails, stiles, reinforcements and face sheets to transform the door into a solid, completely sealed unit with incredible impact resistance and flexural strength. Our urethane foam won’t absorb or be damaged by water.

The BasiX™ Door has a universal non-handed door design-- ideal for when you need to replace a hollow metal door and have a quick turnaround time. This door is available in a "stock only" program with limited distribution. Four standard sizes are available to fit existing standard steel door or hollow metal openings.

All Fiberglass Doors

AF-100 Pultruded Smooth
AF-200 Composite Smooth
AF-217 Composite Pebble Grain
AF-219-1 Composite Wood Grain Contemporary
AF-220 Composite Sandstone Textured

Special-Lite is the only door manufacturer in the world using the fiberglass pultrusion process in an industry-exclusive technique originally pioneered by Universal Pultrusions, LLC. Our AF (all fiberglass) doors can’t corrode and have incredible strength. The AF-100 is our fully pultruded door with 6 lb./cubic foot closed-cell polyurethane core wrapped in four layers of glass fiber reinforcements and resin encapsulated to 1/8” at all door faces for great impact resistance. The AF-200, 217, 219-1 and 220 are composite doors constructed with pultruded FRP stiles and rails and factory bonded face sheets for durability. The three core materials available are EPS (expanded polystyrene), urethane and polypropylene honeycomb. The all fiberglass construction provides dent resistance, cannot corrode and easy cleaning in demanding environments