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Special-Lite has been manufacturing heavy-duty doors for schools since 1971. Responding to the educational market's needs, Special-Lite developed entrance products with extreme abuse tolerance that are also easy to clean and maintain. Our monumental, aluminum, AMP, FRP and All-Fiberglass doors are resistant to water and chemicals. Unlike wood and metal doors, they will not split, peel, rust, corrode, crack, or rot. These performance attributes and our custom fabrication capabilities make Special-Lite® Entrances ideal for many applications, including:

Office Buildings, Banks, National Life Building, GWA Advertising, Chase Bank.

K-12, Community Colleges, Trade Schools, Colleges, Universities, Chicago Public Schools, Tulsa Public Schools, Penn State University.

Jails, Prisons, Military, NIH, Police, Fire, Rest Areas, Dept. of Transportation, Parks & Rec, Airport, Library, Water Treatment, Public Housing, Patapsco WWTP, City of Appleton Public Library, Somerville.

Food Production
Foods Packaging, Commercial Farms. Any facility where food is made or processed, Sanderson Farms, Knouse Foods, PECO Foods.

Restaurant, Retail & Hotels
Restaurants, Shopping Malls or Centers, Chick-fil-A, Gurnee Mills Mall, Detroit Marriott.

Manufacturing, General Motors, Whirlpool, Lockheed Martin.

Museums, Casino, Theme Park, YMCAs, Fitness/Sport, Public Pools, Zoo, Cincinnati Zoo, Denver Museum, Walt Disney World.

Pharmaceutical/Chemical, Lubrizol, Centers for Disease Control, JHP Pharmaceuticals.

All patient service delivery locations, National Institutes of Health, Highlands County Hospice, Seattle Childrens Hospital.

Religious Buildings, Worship Centers, Galilee Baptist Church, St. Louis Parish, San Damiano Spiritual Center.

Gas/Car Wash
Gas/Car Wash, Kwik Trip Car Wash, Phillips 66, Carmax.