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Aluminum Doors for Commercial Buildings

Special-Lite has been the leader in flush doors since 1971 when we first introduced our aluminum flush door. Since then a lot has changed, but our uncompromising approach to handcrafted quality has not. Our made to order commercial doors can be customized to create Entrances That Brand your building. Aluminum is an excellent choice for long lasting beauty, and easy routine cleanup with soap and water. We make our entrance products with extruded 6063-T6 aluminum alloy, Class 1 anodized, and 100% recyclable. Aluminum performs very well, even in caustic environments such as swimming pool areas and water treatment plants. We have a long history of building doors and entrance systems for schools that outlive the bond issues that purchased them. Architects, contractors, and maintenance directors have been relying on Special-Lite’s eco-friendly, heavy-duty aluminum exterior doors for schools, colleges and universities, as well as water/wastewater treatment facilities, restaurants, healthcare, hotels, arenas, rec centers — just about anywhere a building owner wants an entrance that is low maintenance, durable and inviting.

Monumental Doors

SL-14 Medium Stile Door
SL-15 Wide Stile Door
Our Monumental Stile and Rail Doors are perfect for entrances that require full vision or plenty of natural light. Both medium and wide stile doors have a Lifetime Warranty on the full-width galvanized steel tie rod joinery. We have engineered our monumental doors to stand up to the rigors of high-traffic areas, while avoiding unnecessary weight that would compromise entrance longevity. Our exclusive design provides durability that you will not get from stile and rail doors with welded corner construction.

Aluminum Flush Doors

Challenging environmental conditions such as high humidity or corrosive chemicals that quickly destroy hollow metal doors are not a problem for the SL-16. This makes them the ideal choice for water and wastewater treatment plants and industrial facilities. The face sheets are available in smooth, embossed, or fluted, with a foamed-in-place urethane foam core and tie-rod corner joinery. These are beautiful doors for any entrance where sleek, painted or anodized finish is the design preference.

Plank Doors

For those who prefer the aesthetics of an all-aluminum plank-style door, NuPlank® Doors are an ideal choice. Made from a 1-3/4” x 5” tubular aluminum stile extrusion with a fluted face texture. Every door is custom fabricated to order and can be specified in anodized finishes or any Kynar® paint color.