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High-Quality Type II Interior Aluminum Framing for any Facility!


Interior Aluminum Partitions Walls for Office Systems

A wall partition a non-load-bearing office wall made from Aluminum Frames and Glass Wall Systems.

Omega's Aluminum Partitions for Office Systems remain the optimal solution for modern interior rooms. When the need arises to create a new office or room partition, there is no reason to sacrifice time and money. We can solve your office interior wall partition problems.

The meticulous design of our glass partition walls illustrates our serious commitment in the field.  Unlike drywall systems, glass office walls can be quickly constructed. In addition to making glass walls, we have the corresponding interior aluminum framed doors that give you a superb office glass wall partition.

Natural Light enhances Omega’s clean and minimal rectilinear lines.

  • Traditional widths include 4-7/8”, 3-3/4”, and 3-1/2.” 
  • Frame system components available with flush or non-flush appearance.
  • Frame system trim available in 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”, and 4” widths.


Use Omega Interior Aluminum Framing and feel confident its details will enhance the look and feel of your interior space
  • Elegant “butt seam” glazing.
  • In-line glass application.
  • 3-way corner glass.
  • Meticulously crafted hinge and door strike preps.

Use Omega Framing to build
  • Glass Office Fronts
  • Demountable Partitioning Systems
  • Glass Office Architectural Wall Systems
  • Vestibules and Security Vestibules
  • Glass Office Wall Partitions
  • Clerestories

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