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Project Profiles

Newark USD Discovered the High Cost of Inexpensive Hollow Metal Doors

A dozen years ago, the Newark, California, public school system in the east bay area near San Francisco was struggling with chronic graffiti problems, high entrance maintenance costs and frequent door replacements. They were searching for answers when Director of Facilities Larry Mara learned about Special-Lite® FRP Doors at a trade show. Download 1.3MB .pdf.

Pathfinder Church Finds an Easy Way to Update Exterior Entrances
During a 2013 sanctuary renovation at the church, two 20+ year old Special-Lite SL-16 Aluminum Flush Doors were replaced with hybrid FRP/AMP Flush Doors, along with new insert framing and capping. The oak stain finish on the inside of the door and the through-colored face sheets matching the exterior trim were the perfect solution. Download 1.6MB .pdf.
Fewer Maintenance Headaches, Better Security, and Reduced Heating Loads
As it is with most schools, maintenance and operating budgets at Union Grove School District are spread pretty thin these days. Fortunately, Kurt Jorgensen, Director of Operations at Union Grove High School, found a way to save time and money, while at the same time improving security, by specifying Special-Lite SL-17 FRP Doors Download 1.3MB .pdf.
These Doors Take a Beating from Man & Beast
As you might expect, the doors at the Exposition Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin take a beating. With visitors young and old, vendors, and animals going in and out of the doors, and not really paying attention to what they bash into, sturdy doors are a necessity. Special-Lite SL-17 FRP Doors and SL-15 Monumental Doors provide the durability and style the exposition center requires. Download 1.9MB .pdf.
Special-Lite SL-17 FRP Doors Save Maintenance Hours for New York School District
With 800 students in and out of its doors throughout the day, the entrances at Gloversville High School take quite a beating. District Architect Kevin Ellis, a senior associate with CSArch Architecture | Construction Management in Albany, explained that the school was in need of a door that could stand up to not only the regular wear and tear associated with normal use, but the abusive environment of an inner-city high school. Special-Lite SL-17 FRP Door was up to the task. Download 240kb .pdf.
Paintballs? No Problem - Kent ISD Proves Special-Lite SL-17 FRP Doors Survive Under Worst Conditions
As administrators at schools across the nation have discovered, the paint ball gun is rapidly replacing the spray can as the tool of choice for vandals. Less of a creative expression than standard graffiti, paintball vandalism can be done in less time and from a further distance. And while it would seem that the damage would be easier to clean than standard graffiti, that isn?t always the case. Special-Lite SL-17 FRP Doors. Download 228kb .pdf.
Prescott USD Finds a Solution to Frequent Break-ins and Entrance Maintenance Headaches with SL-17 FRP Doors
An Arizona school district had high expectations when exterior doors on the high school were totally replaced by a steel door product featuring a proprietary hardware package. However, high maintenance requirements and problems with securing the doors forced them to look for a better solution. Special-Lite SL-17 FRP Doors provided this solution. Download 252kb .pdf.
Taking Pride in Your Work Makes All the Difference
When converting an old high school to a middle school, an Ohio school district discovered the frustration and high cost of working with inexperienced installers and companies that do not stand behind their work. Special-Lite customer service and SL-17 FRP and SL-15 Monumental Doors have eased the frustration. Download 172kb .pdf.
Special-Lite Doors Get Standing Ovation at Bravo! Restaurant
When renovating a successful independent restaurant in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the owners wanted to create an inviting and relaxing ambiance. And an exposed east-facing entrance meant the exterior doors needed to also deliver long life and easy maintenance. SL-19 Wood Grain AMP Doors from Special-Lite were the perfect choice to meet these needs. Download 1.1mb .pdf.