Special-Lite Doors and Frames
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Our Unique Design Approach

The Special-Lite approach to producing entrance systems is unique in the industry. We combine the best aspects of traditional hands-on craftsmanship, innovative design, and advanced technology to make the toughest, longest-lasting doors possible. The high quality of our doors and framing is the result of individual craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a personal commitment to quality that is simply not possible with mechanized, high-volume manufacturing.

Don't Confuse Lightweight with Light-Duty
Conventional wisdom says that a heavier, more rigid door is a stronger door. We say that employing sound engineering principles results in a lighter door that's actually a better door. In contrast to the Heavier is Better philosophy, we make Special-Lite® Doors as light as possible. However, don't confuse lightweight with light-duty. All Special-Lite Doors are heavy-duty doors, and should only be compared to other heavy-duty doors. We give them a high degree of flexibility and fatigue endurance to absorb the forces involved and prevent structural degradation over time.