10 Ways to Rock Wood-Look on a Building (without using wood)

Wood was the first material ever to be used to construct doors. We have come a long way in the last 5000+ years, but wood still remains a mainstay for the design and construction of interior and exterior doors, frames, and interior architectural features. Wood can invoke a sense of warmth and homeyness. It can be used in a modern or minimal design featuring natural building materials, to a very luxurious, elaborate traditional look. As commercial design trends shift toward using more residential elements for workspaces (aka, resimercial), we could see even more use of wood surfaces replacing the colder and institutional-like surfaces such as steel and aluminum.

Wood, however, despite its beauty, comes with some caveats. Wood requires maintenance such as painting and repainting, sanding, oiling, or re-staining– especially in an exterior application. Wood rots and splinters. Wood doors can be heavy and wear on hardware. With the modern-day concerns of deforestation and recycling, wood may not be the first choice that it once was.

There are a number of alternatives to get the warm wood look for your building while avoiding these headaches!


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