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Reason Five: Easy cleaning with green cleaners protects indoor air quality.


A significant source of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions that degrade IAQ are the cleaning products that are routinely used in facility upkeep. Special-Lite’s durable, easy-care finishes mean our doors will stay new looking for years with only occasional cleaning, and even tough stains like graffiti can be removed using non-toxic, water-soluble and biodegradable green cleaners. Just be sure to check out VOC emissions performance when selecting a green cleaner, rather than VOC content alone. It’s performance in use that counts, not just contents.

Eight Reasons Our Entrance Products are More Sustainable:
1. GREENGUARD Certification ensures better indoor air quality.
2. Modern materials and durable construction reduce lifecycle cost.
3. Lightweight doors extend the life of the entire entrance system.
4. Durable finishes reduce maintenance costs and health risks.
> 5. Easy cleaning with green cleaners protects indoor air quality.
6. Better thermal performance helps reduce energy usage.
7. Aluminum is a sustainable material choice.
8. All Special-Lite extrusions are made from reprocessed aluminum.