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Reason Six: Better thermal performance helps reduce energy usage.


The thermal efficiency of the building envelope has never been more important. Special-Lite® Flush Doors can help reduce heating and cooling loads by providing superior thermal performance versus hollow metal doors. Compare our independent lab results with those for hollow metal doors, if you can find any. And don’t be fooled by claims that equate the performance of the core material alone with the performance of a complete door, because they are not the same thing.

Thermal Properties: Special-Lite® FRP Door Components, Panels, and Door

  U-value R-value CRF
Special-Lite® FRP Door Components      
  1.5" Urethane foam only .11 9.1 88
  1" FRP and urethane foam panel .23 4.3 81
  1.75" FRP and urethane foam panel .10 10.0 87
SL-17 Special-Lite® FRP Door Assembly .29 3.4 55

Tests conducted by Architectural Testing, Inc.
U-value: rate of heat loss/gain (low better)
R-value: value is resistance to gain/loss (high better)
CRF: how resists condensation (1-100 high better)

Detailed thermal test results are available upon request. To submit your request, please click here.

Eight Reasons Our Entrance Products are More Sustainable:
1. GREENGUARD Certification ensures better indoor air quality.
2. Modern materials and durable construction reduce lifecycle cost.
3. Lightweight doors extend the life of the entire entrance system.
4. Durable finishes reduce maintenance costs and health risks.
5. Easy cleaning with green cleaners protects indoor air quality.
> 6. Better thermal performance helps reduce energy usage.
7. Aluminum is a sustainable material choice.
8. All Special-Lite extrusions are made from reprocessed aluminum.