Special-Lite Doors and Frames
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Aluminum Hardware and Lites

Special-Lite manufactures a line of hardware and vision lite products that can add flair and functionality to your entrances. Our selection of pulls, push bars, louvers, screens, grates, mullions, and vision lites are specifically designed to complement the performance and good looks of our door and framing products.

Adjustable Bottom Brush

To compensate for out-of-level or out-of-position final floors, as well as normal settling of older buildings, a concealed Adjustable Bottom Brush unit can be adjusted as required at the time of door installation to provide the perfect fit.

Door Pulls & Push Bars

Door Pulls and Push Bars are manufactured to the same high-quality standards as all our products and are specifically designed to visually complement our door and framing products. Door pull and push bars of extruded aluminum can be specified in the same anodized finishes available for our door and framing products.

Louvers, Grates, Bi-Folds & Screens

Special-Lite custom manufactures louvers to specification for mounting inside doors, transoms, and side lites. Our louver units utilize an inverted “Y"-type fixed vane. The Security Grate incorporates a strong 1" x 1" x 1/8" steel angle perimeter frame and sturdy metal mesh to provide additional security for doors that are subjected to severe abuse or vandalism. The Bi-Fold unit allows for ventilation in kitchens, boiler rooms and areas where a screen door is not practical. The Vandal Screen is designed for applications that require a combination of moderate security, excellent visibility, and the convenience of easy removal for glass cleaning.

Removable Mullions

The removable mullion can be quickly and easily removed to allow oversized objects to pass through double doors.


Designed to cover the clearance gap between door pairs, acting as a weather seal, minimizing noise, reducing smoke infiltration in case of a fire, and further increasing energy-efficiency of the entrance.

Cove Molding

Provides an attractive architectural accent to any new construction or remodeling project, and is available to match both straight and curved framing.

Head Receptor

Provides a clean appearance with easier framing installation and reduced caulking for irregular openings, when expansion and contraction are an issue, or in situations when precise measurement is compromised by the need to leave existing framing in place.

Thresholds Thresholds provide a weather seal for the bottom of an exterior door, which helps keep rain water, snow and insects out of your building.

Vision Lites & Muntins

Vision lites can be supplied in five standard or in custom sizes, shapes, and finishes to suit your specific requirements. For a classic touch, aluminum surface-applied muntins are available in 1⁄2" and 1-1⁄4" widths. Insulated 1" glass units are also available with internal muntins.