Content: Curate vs Create

Content: Curate vs Create

Blogs are among the best things to share via social media. In fact, blogs themselves are considered social media because they represent a point of view that invites response. Sharing blog posts through other SM networks creates even greater engagement.
But whether you are blogging or trying to generate other SM post content, you may wonder: Do I curate or do I create? The answer is “yes!”

To Curate

Curating content is an acceptable practice and may be necessary at times even for the best of content creators. But a few rules apply:
  • Always and prominently identify the source of the article.
  • When possible, link to the original source.
  • Never reproduce the story in its entirety.
  • Never use all or even most of the articles from a single source.
  • When possible, provide some context for, or comment on, the material you use.
There are good marketing reasons to follow these rules. For example, identifying and linking to sources encourages links back to you and that’s good SEO. And showing that you can curate from a variety of sources and comment intelligently on them, makes you more credible.

To Create

Creating content is always a prefered route to establishing you or your company as THE source of good information. Sometimes, however, the subject matter experts in your company are not the best content creators. (I’m hearing a lot of heads nodding up and down.) The rule is simple: to create good content, you need good content creators.
It may be matter of Marketing interviewing Engineering or Sales writing something that is then “edited by others.” Who gets the by-line? I won’t step into that political pile. But as long as it’s someone in your company, the company will benefit.
Regardless, here’s a quick checklist for “good” content:
  • My title is catchy and appeals to my audience.
  • I am using a keyword-centric approach.
  • I use my keyword(s) in the title and in the body.
  • I also use synonyms for my keywords.
  • Despite this keyword approach, my language sounds natural.
  • I am including two or more relevant links to other content within my site.
  • I have at least one image and is it compatible with my overall brand and site.
  • I use descriptive tags for my images.
  • My post is organized with headings, bulleted lists, or other formatting for readability.
  • I am ending the post with a call to action.
Your content awaits; go curate or create!

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