Tony builds the special in Special-Lite

Tony is part of a three-member team at our Decatur, Michigan headquarters that is responsible for building fire doors.  But that is only half of the whole story.

Tony and his associates construct doors using a mineral core, our FRP face sheets, stainless steel casing, and stainless steel trim on lite kits.   These models include the SL-17FR (pebble-grain face sheet), SL-19FR (wood grain face sheet), and SL-20FR (sandstone face sheet).
An additional team in Marshall, Arkansas constructs fire doors using a fiberglass shell over a mineral core.  Resulting door models include FR-20, FR-45, FR-60, and FR-90 in options of a smooth finish, a pebble-grain texture finish, or a sandstone texture finish.


All Special-Lite fire doors are rated for 20-90 minutes and are available in a variety of standard or custom colors.
When you see the passion that Tony, and other Special-Lite employees, put into making these safety and security products, you’ll know why you can depend on Special-Lite fire doors.




Do you know doors?
You can with this handy pocket Glossary. It measures only 3.5 x 6 inches is a handy reference tool of over 50 pages, nearly 300 definitions, and 40+ illustrations.