Latest Web Changes

Solutions Anyone?

As another indication of the continued evolution of the Special-Lite website, note the new main menu selection for “Solutions.” This menu was added to accomplish two primary purposes:
  • To address the needs of various website visitors
  • To describe the markets we serve
Each of these purposes contributes to a more personalized web experience. And that personalized customer experience is a reflection of the greater Special-Lite culture.

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Our marketing team has a challenge: Find better product information on any other industry website.
“We’re proud of our newly revamped product pages,” says Marketing Manager, Ben Dorsey. “Our goal was simple. We wanted the best product pages in our industry. The pages should be replete with well-organized information and content assets and be beautifully designed for ease of use. Our new product pages rock! We think they’re better than any product pages on any competitive site.”
Want to make him eat his words? You know what you have to do!