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Special-Lite custom manufactures louvers to specification for mounting inside doors, transoms, and side lites. Our louver units utilize an inverted “Y"-type fixed vane. For added security and aesthetics, vanes are secured by rivets around the outside of the frame, inaccessible and hidden from view. Insect screens are also available. Louvers are available in any of our anodized finishes or painted colors.

Louvers may be specified in any size or configuration, subject to the following guidelines:

Note: Special hardware such as concealed vertical rods requires engineering review when cutout area is near latch stile. The area available for cutouts will be reduced.


SL-SG349 Security Grate

The SL-SG349 Security Grate incorporates a strong 1" x 1" x 1/8" (25mm x 25mm x 3.2mm) steel angle perimeter frame and sturdy metal mesh to provide additional security for doors that are subjected to severe abuse or vandalism. The security grate can be used over vision lites, bi-fold units, louvers, or other areas where a high level of protection is required. Security grates can be painted to match the door finish or any custom color.


SL-BF350 Bi-Fold Unit

The Bi-Fold unit allows for ventilation in kitchens, boiler rooms and areas where a screen door is not practical. Panels fold out of opening and attach securely to each other and the door magnetically. Four cam-locks secure the bi-fold in the closed position. Any of our current face sheets, FRP, AMP or Aluminum can be used to match door exterior. Refer to color charts for standard colors offered. Face sheets can also be painted any custom color.

A standard SL-BF350 bi-fold unit contains an insect and vandal screen. Other options available include installing a security grate in place of the vandal screen. Consult factory for more details.

Refer to detail drawing of the Bi-Fold unit for further clarification on construction.


SL-SG350 Vandal Screen

The Special-Lite® SL-SG350 Vandal Screen is designed for applications that require a combination of moderate security, excellent visibility, and the convenience of easy removal for glass cleaning. The frame is manufactured of anodized or painted aluminum and screws into the Special-Lite FL-Series Vision Lite kit frame with self-retaining, tamper-proof, pin-Torx fasteners. The matte black, powder-coated stainless steel, round hole mesh screen features a 63% open area to maximize vision through the lite. Our vandal screen is compatible with both 1/4" and 1" (6.4mm and 25mm) glazing, and can be custom-fabricated for curves and angled corners for improved design flexibility.

We will apply our hardware or hardware by others at no additional charge beyond hardware prep charges. Factory-installed hardware is warranted not to come loose under normal usage for a full 10 years. On the other hand, we can simply prep for field installation of hardware.