Special-Lite Congratulates Second Group of Management Development Graduates

The Special-Lite executive team and ownership continue to demonstrate their interest in developing the staff.  Just last month, the second group of employees graduated from our Management Development program. It represents a significant investment for the company and a significant commitment from candidates.
The program lasts 14 months.  Candidates, who represent a diversity of employee departments, are divided into teams but receive combined instruction from a variety of leaders.  A variety of leadership topics are addressed, including, leading up, leading down, leading across, working with different communication styles, presentation skills, writing and oral communications skills, project management, employment laws, discrimination and harassment, motivating others, and dealing with difficult employees.
The cornerstone of the course is a group project that spans the entire 14 months. For this project, each 5-6 person group tackled a project they thought would impact the company in a positive way. For this graduating class, Group A dealt with issues of new employee onboarding as well as employee training.  Group B tackled the challenge of enhancing the customer experience. Final project presentations are made before an audience of executives and those managing the candidates.
Company President, Kevin Hanley: “Each of the participants devoted a significant amount of personal time over the last year, getting exposure to a broad array of management and leadership skills.  These skills provide them the tools they need to excel both personally and professionally. I offer my sincerest congratulations to each of these graduates and look forward to their continued growth and contributions to our company.”

Special-Lite Names Ken Bowditch as Vice President of Engineering

“…I am confident in Ken’s ability to lead us forward and drive these current and future initiatives.” –Henry L. Upjohn II, CEO

  DECATUR, MI, May 8, 2017– Special-Lite, Inc. announced today that Ken Bowditch will assume the position of Vice President of Engineering. Special-Lite’s Board of Directors approved this promotion on April 20th, 2017.

Accomplishments at Special-Lite

Bowditch joined Special-Lite in 2007 as a Research and Development Engineer and was promoted to Director of Research and Development. His accomplishments at Special-Lite include extensive research and testing for hurricane products, including doors for high-velocity hurricane zones. In 2014, Bowditch and Henry L. Upjohn II, CEO of Special-Lite, designed an air cannon for hurricane door testing. They designed the cannon to deliver large missile impact testing to doors used in high wind areas. The team can use the cannon for both hurricane and tornado testing. Bowditch also led the Research and Development Team to develop and test the first ever pultruded fiberglass ballistic door. Since 2009, Bowditch simultaneously serves as a Department Associate for the University of Florida, Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment. Special-Lite and the University of Florida partnered to design and build a pressure simulator. The pressure simulator enables engineers to research the impact that hurricanes have on architecture in high wind areas of the country. Bowditch, as a member of a team with the University of Florida Research Foundation, received a patent earlier this year for the Dynamic Wind Velocity and Pressure Simulator. Henry L. Upjohn II, CEO of Special-Lite, Inc., commented on Bowditch’s promotion, “This is an exciting time at Special-Lite, our continued growth in our core educational market remains strong and is driven by the market’s demand for scalable safety, security and environmentally responsible products. We continue to invest significantly in maintaining our market leadership position with our focus on these priorities. In addition, we continue to broaden our product offering, especially in the interior products segment. This all places significant demands on our Engineering team, and I am confident in Ken’s ability to lead us forward and drive these current and future initiatives.”

Prior Experience

Prior to joining Special-Lite’s team, Bowditch, a graduate of Lawton High School, worked for Stearns-Stafford, Inc. as a machinist for 19 years. He then joined Stryker in 1995 where he began his career as a machinist and was promoted to Manager of the Experimental Shop. Bowditch’s career also includes 19 years of voluntary service to the Lawton Fire Department.

About Special-Lite, Inc.

Special-Lite manufacturers engineered, made to order architectural products, including commercial entrance systems, interior aluminum framing with swing or sliding aluminum framed doors, and FRP restroom partitions. Complete entrance system products are fiberglass or aluminum flush doors with many door face texture options including wood grain, aluminum monumental (stile & rail) doors, fiberglass and aluminum framing. Special-Lite’s products are used in new construction and renovation projects for educational, commercial, institutional, industrial and municipal applications. Founded in 1971, the company pioneered the use of fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) material for door skins. Today, Special-Lite is the largest volume producer of commercial FRP doors in the United States. View PDF Sign Up for News Releases