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Tube Frame with Applied Stops

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Attractive and Durable Frame Products

Special-Lite® Tube Frames with Applied Stops are the best choice for heavy-duty applications. They offer a degree of adjustability that provides a tighter fit and better weather sealing in irregular openings. Tube Frames with Applied Stops are available in the following standard sizes:

SL-41 = 5/8" x 4-1/2" (16mm x 114mm)

SL-40 = 1-3/4" x 4" (44mm x 102mm)

SL-45 = 1-3/4" x 4-1/2" (44mm x 114mm)

SL-50 = 1-3/4" x 5" (44mm x 127mm)

SL-55 = 1-3/4" x 6" (44mm x 152mm)

SL-145 = 1" x 4-1/2" (25mm x 114mm)

SL-146 = 1" x 6" (25mm x 152mm)

SL-240 = 2" x 4" (51mm x 102mm)

SL-245 = 2" x 4-1/2" (51mm x 114mm)

SL-250 = 2" x 5" (51mm x 127mm)

SL-260 = 2" x 6" (51mm x 152mm)


Features and Benefits

  • Our frame extrusions are 6063-T6 aluminum alloy, with 1/8" (3.2mm) minimum wall thickness for strength and durability
  • All corner joints are secured with heavy-duty internal joint anchors that enhance strength
  • Built-in weatherstrips and bead seal in applied stops for better sealing
  • Applied stops provide 7/16" (11mm) bite for glazing materials, and are secured at ends and every 10" (254mm) for security
  • 1/2" (13mm) aluminum bar stock reinforcements under door stop at closer, strike and mullion/center post attachment locations for durability