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Enhancements and Updates: LiteSpace Installation, Omega Framing, and Fiberglass Door Instructions

In response to valuable field feedback, we are excited to unveil a series of updates and enhancements that will streamline your installation processes, aligning with our commitment to providing top-quality products and services. Below, we outline the changes to our LiteSpace installation methods, updates to Omega® Framing offerings, and the introduction of new instructions for fiberglass door and frame field painting and welding. Read on to learn about these important developments designed to enhance your experience with Special-Lite products, effective as of August 2023.

Updated LiteSpace Installation Method & Instructions

In response to user feedback, we have optimized LiteSpace installation methods to ensure greater frame rigidity and installation efficiency. Notable changes include:

  • Running verticals at full height on swing door configurations for improved frame rigidity. This results in headers and floors of equal lengths and uniform vertical height.
  • A revised floor base setting channel (SP-010) extending .25″ into the door jamb to minimize frame flexing in swing door applications.
  • Elimination of the requirement for SP-028 Reinforcement on strike jamb.
  • Removal of the setting channel necessity at headers, allowing direct fastening into blocking.
  • Introduction of a deep pocket option on both sides of LiteSpace, offering installers more flexibility during glass installation.
  • Dispensing with corner brackets in sliding door applications where the verticals anchored to the walls meet the header and sill.

These changes have been incorporated into the updated LiteSpace Installation Instructions for your convenience.

Omega Framing Updates and Changes

Based on feedback from our customers and partners, we are streamlining our Omega Framing offerings. Going forward, we will no longer stock the Omega Type II Interior Aluminum Framing Series 350, 525, and 612. However, these sizes can still be accommodated on a case-by-case basis (we are your custom solution manufacturer, after all).

Given this change, we have updated various materials, including our Omega Framing Product Page, Specification, and order forms.

New AF Field Painting and Welding Instructions

We are thrilled to introduce new resources to assist you in field painting, repair work, and welding of our Fiberglass Doors and Frames. These resources include:

  • Painting and Repair Instructions for Fiberglass Doors and Frames: Whether you need to address minor scratches, touch-ups, or a complete color change, these instructions outline the best practices for painting and repairing fiberglass doors and frames in the field. Download them.
  • Fiberglass Framing Welding Instructions: For cases where chemical welding of frames is required in the field, our instructions guide you through the process, including selecting the appropriate adhesive. Download them.

Download a copy of these instructions, complete with QR codes, for easy access while working on your project from our Resource Center.

Here at Special-Lite, we remain committed to delivering the highest quality products and services. These updates and new instructions are part of our commitment to customer service. If you have questions or would like more information, please reach out to us via our Contact Form. Or call 1-800-821-6531 and ask for a Special-Lite Customer Service Representative. We can also put you in touch with your Local Special-Lite Rep using this form.