Solutions for Hospitality Facilities

From Guest Entrance To Delivery Doors

Functionality and lasting visual appeal are a high priority for many hospitality facility professionals. Let’s face it, your entrances and interior doors work hard. But they can also contribute to, or detract from, your guest experience.

All Special-Lite doors were engineered to last through heavy use and even abuse. We also set aesthetic trends by creating made-to-order custom doors that exceed your design goals.

From the front entrance system to the highly abused kitchen or delivery door, we offer the solution that your hotel or resort building needs.

hotel room door

Grand Entrances and Beyond

Your doors are a part of your facility’s first impression and they can set a tone for the entire guest experience. With Special-Lite, you can design custom doors that can reinforce your hotel’s branding. Color, material, and hardware choices all play a role here. And our products offer tremendous flexibility to make this happen.

Commercial Wood Grain Doors

These commercial wood grain doors constructed with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) face sheets. They offer the appearance of wood and are available in a variety of standard or custom finishes and are compatible with virtually any hardware choice.


These distinctive aluminum doors always add a touch of class to your establishment and always with a great deal of glass. But don’t think of them as cold. They are available in dozens of anodized or painted finishes and are also available in our popular Wood Expressions finishes.


This versatile product offers the same flexibility as our hybrid doors but is constructed of an aluminum perimeter and aluminum door face. Aluminum flush doors are heavy duty, yet lightweight.

The options available allow you to intall this door anywhere from your poolside chemical room to your highest end custom off-street entrance. This door offers you a choice of custom vision lites and an unending list of hardware options to help create just the atmosphere you want.

Interior & Back-Of-House Doors

Interior products, including doors, make constant statements to your guests. Special-Lite doors help convey your desired message and offer robustness for constant use. Consider these facts:

  • No doors are more versatile in terms of finish texture, finish color, hardware compatibility, or the size, style, and placement of vision lites. You will get the look that you want when you choose Special-Lite doors.
  • No doors last longer. We engineered our doors for high traffic and occasional abuse. For instance, hollow metal (steel) doors are tested to between 250,000 and 1,000,000 cycles. We’ve surpassed 25,000,000 opening/closing cycles on our doors!
  • No doors are tested more. Beyond reliability testing, we test our products for thermal efficiency, sound transmission, impact and intrusion resistance, and much, much more. Interior or exterior, they make the grade.
  • Our distribution partners are in your neighborhood. They can design and deliver the door solution you envision.


Dealing with Humidity in Hospitality Buildings

How to Select Resilient Materials for High-Humidity Areas in Hospitality Buildings

There are many considerations for installing and maintaining doors, frames, and toilet partition products in hospitality buildings’ moisture- and humidity-prone areas. Only Special-Lite offers custom entrance system solutions that provide the design flexibility you want for restaurant and retail applications, and the long life and low cost of ownership you need.