Solutions for Commercial Facilities

From Entrances to Interior Spaces, We Have You Covered


If you own or manage a commercial facility, you know that certain architectural products can enhance the space and contribute to such goals as visitor experience, occupancy rate, tenant satisfaction and retention, energy efficiency, sustainability, and resale value. In turn, that means that researching and selecting products based on your specific objectives is an imperative.

But that task doesn’t have to be tedious when it comes to entrance systems, exterior and interior doors, and interior framing and glass walls. From commercial office to retail space, from restaurants to hospitality environments, Special-Lite products create lasting value and enhance your space while contributing to your objectives.


The entrance to your building sets a tone of expectations and speaks to the culture within while meeting standard criteria such as security. Your entrance system can reflect your brand or the impression you want to make to facility visitors and occupants. A custom entrance system from Special-Lite enables you to set this direction rather than letting a worn-out building face create its own message.

Want lots of natural light? We can get you there. Want a flexible entrance to meet present and future needs? No problem. Want the entire entrance to reflect a corporate brand? We can do that.

We’ll custom design an entrance system to your requirements, fabricate it with quality processes as well as skilled employees, and deliver it to you through one of our stellar distribution partners.


What are the characteristics you seek in a door?

  • You likely want one of quality construction.
  • It should be attractive.
  • It should accommodate a variety of hardware.
  • You need it to hold up to years of use.
  • It should require minimal maintenance.
  • It should be strong yet lightweight to accommodate all potential uses and users.
  • You may even want model options for windstorm-prone regions, ballistic resistance, or corrosive environments.

It takes a special door and special company to meet all of these criteria. Welcome to Special-Lite. We start with an engineered design that sets the bar high for other manufacturers to try to follow. We add custom project strategies to precisely fit your needs. We use aluminum, fiberglass, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP), or hybrids of these materials as the basis of construction. We add innovative manufacturing people and practices. And we deliver interior or exterior doors that offer unmatched performance standards.


Commercial office and retail space can be enhanced by judicious use of glass walls and office fronts. They can easily define an office or separate one space from another. And, they can extend pleasing, natural light to occupants of spaces deeper in the interior of your building.

For this arena, Special-Lite offers two approaches of extruded aluminum framing and glazing—each flexible enough to be used in any of the following applications:

  • Office glass front
  • Office partitioning
  • Conference rooms
  • Vestibules
  • Clerestory

Our Omega system is typically used where you have finished walls, floors, and ceiling. Our LiteSpace product is suited to covering roughed in walls and doorways but can also be applied to finished wall applications.

Each system is demountable or reconfigurable for changing space needs. Each accommodates swinging or sliding doors. Each can use butt-seamed or mullion-seamed glass panels. Each can use single or double-paned glass as well as locally sourced or decorative glass. And finish options for each include anodized, powder-coated paint, or our decorative Wood Expressions finish.

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