Cleanroom Doors and Frames with Flush Vision Panels

Customized Swing Doors

Special-Lite custom Fiberglass and FRP Aluminum Hybrid Doors are engineered and manufactured to be well-suited for sterile environments. The construction of our doors is completely sealed and immune to moisture and corrosion, and our finishes make for easy cleanup.

Add a fully sealed, internal glazed, Flush Vision Panel for a crevice-free, watertight seal (unlike traditional vision lite kits). For adjustable privacy, add the fully sealed Privacy Flush Vision Panel with an interstitial operable blind, and you have the perfect combination for even the most stringent cleanliness and safety requirements.

Fiberglass & FRP-Faced Doors with Flush Vision Panels

  • Completely sealed design with superior materials for easy cleaning
  • Hygenic design won’t harbor bacteria or mold
  • Waterproof and chemical resistant, will never rust, rot, or swell
  • Backed with a 10 year warranty and a lifetime warranty against corrosion
  • Durable and virtually maintenance-free with secure, reliable performance
  • Customization options with a variety of colors and accessories
  • USDA and FDA cGMP compliant
Interior render

Door with Flush Vision Panel Applications:

  • General Cleanroom Environments
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Animal Holding and Care
  • Operating Theaters
  • Research Facilities
  • Food Production
  • Laboratories

Doors for Sterile or Controlled Environments

Special-Lite Doors and Frames are known for providing secure entrance solutions in high-traffic and even abusive facilities, but our door technology outperforms the alternatives in interior environments, too. Other doors may look similar, but our highly engineered door designs, our manufacturing methods, and our exclusive superior materials are unique to Special-Lite. The following chart summarizes the Special-Lite Doors ideal for interior use in cleanrooms, laboratories, and sterile environments. Coordinating fire-rated door models are also available.