Privacy Flush Vision Panel

Add Privacy Flush Vision Panels with operable blinds to our Fiberglass Doors for a crevice-free, water-tight seal; perfect for clean room doors and more.

A black privacy vision panel.

Privacy Flush Vision Panels for Clean Room Doors

Privacy Flush Vision Panels (SL-FVP-P) are fully sealed glazed units with an interstitial operable blind. Using the latest glass technology, they provide a vision panel solution designed for healthcare doors and clean room environments.

Privacy Flush Vision Panels are the same thickness as our fiberglass doors and are glazed flush with both faces of the door, removing any ledge or crevice for dirt or bacteria to harbor. These flush-glazed panels create a crevice-free, water-tight seal so the doors can be thoroughly cleaned.

Add these panels to our fiberglass doors and frames, which are well-suited for sterile environments, to complete your laboratory door, vivarium door, or cleanroom door solution. Privacy Vision Panels sized for glazing in lite kits are also available.

FDA/USDA and GMP Compliant Doors and Vision Panels

Building products can contribute to good manufacturing practices and help ensure a safe food supply. FDA inspectors and savvy facility owners look for building products that are easy to clean and do not permit the buildup of dirt, microbes, bacteria, etc. Our products are designed and produced in a manner making them appropriate for use in food and drug production facilities.

Door Model Options

  • AF-100 Smooth Pultruded Fiberglass Door
  • AF-200 Smooth Composite Fiberglass Door
  • AF-217 Pebble Grain Composite Fiberglass Door
  • AF-220 Sandstone Texture Composite Fiberglass Door
  • SL-17 Pebble Grain FRP Hybrid Door
  • SL-20 Sandstone Texture FRP Hybrid Door

Ideal Applications:

  • Clean room doors
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing doors
  • Research facility doors
  • Laboratory doors
  • Semiconductor (chip) manufacturing doors
  • Healthcare facility doors
  • Food production doors

SL-FVP-P Privacy Flush Vision Panel

Privacy Vision Panel Color Options

  • Black or White
  • Sealant to match border color

Handle for Operable Blind

  • 316-Grade Stainless Steel Handle
  • Single- or Double-Sided Lever Turn

Standard Flush Vision Panel Sizes

  • SQ – 10″ x 10″ Square Lite
  • SL – 4″ x 25″ Slim Lite
  • NL – 6″ x 28″ Narrow Lite
  • HL – 20″ x 28″ Half Lite

Custom Flush Vision Panel Sizes Available

  • CL – Custom Size (Max size not to exceed 4 sq feet, height must be greater than or equal to width)

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