Smooth Composite Fiberglass Door

A 3d image of a beige door with a glass window.

Commercial Fiberglass Door

The AF-200 Composite All Fiberglass Door from Special-Lite® is chemically welded and has smooth FRP face sheets that are primed or painted, plus a choice of two different cores. This custom size fiberglass door is made-to-order in any combination of width and height size you order up to the maximum size stated below. The all-fiberglass construction provides dent resistance, is highly corrosive resistant, and is easy to clean even when installed in challenging environments. Paired with a pultruded fiberglass frame, this door offers a lightweight, economical solution for commercial and industrial applications.

AF-200 Features

  • Pultruded FRP stile and rail construction with mitered, bracketed corners and factory-bonded face sheets for durability.
  • Smooth face sheets are primed and ready for field painting or can be painted with a variety of standard satin colors in addition to high gloss custom color options. Door edges and FRP lite kits are painted to match the face sheet color.
  • Single doors and the active door in a pair have a beveled lock stile edge, while the inactive door in a pair has a square lock stile edge.
  • Square lock stile edges are also available as an option on any AF-200.
  • Choice of core materials: EPS (expanded polystyrene) or polypropylene honeycomb.
  • Solid polymer blocking at lock and closer locations provide secure hardware attachment.
  • Pultruded fiberglass lite kits in custom sizes for 1/4″ or 1″ glazings provide functionality and design flexibility. Fiberglass doors and wall louvers are available. Special-Lite aluminum and EPDM lite kits and aluminum louvers may also be used.
  • Available in singles or pairs up to 47 3/4″ x 95 3/4″ maximum net size per leaf to suit a majority of openings.

Customize the AF-200 Door with Pultruded Fiberglass Molding

Enhance the flat, smooth look of the AF-200 door by adding a raised fiberglass molding to the door’s surface. The result is a custom, paneled door appearance.