Production Number Engraving

How to Find it

When inquiring about Special-Lite® doors, locate the Production Number Engraving on the hinge stile on the push side of the door. For doors over 65” tall, the mark is placed 60” up from the bottom of the door. If the door is under 65” tall, it is placed 7” down from the top of the door.

Note: Only Stile & Rail, Aluminum Flush, and FRP/Aluminum Hybrid Doors are engraved.

What the Numbers Mean

According to the photo illustration, there are five sets of numbers; here’s what each portion means.

       1. Production Number
       2. Sheet Number
       3. Door Handing
                        1 = LH
                        2 = RH
                        3 = LHR
                        4 = RHR
       4. Month of Production
       5. Year of Production

Helpful Tips

  • Engraving is visible even with the hinge installed.
  • Printing is small; read the number using a flashlight and/or magnifying glass.
  • Take a photo of the engraving for a clear image of the numbers.

Closeup showing a production number example. Diagram numbers coordinate with each portion. The numeral five is at the top and one is the final number at the bottom.