Pebble Grain Hybrid FRP Door

The SL-17® Pebble Grain FRP Door, installed in an aluminum or fiberglass door frame, is our most popular product. This is no surprise because the SL-17 solves door maintenance and standard door replacement problems just as it was designed to do in 1983 for educational institutions!

A blue Pebble Grain FRP Aluminum Hybrid door with a half lite window on a white background.

The Original School Door

Students are rough on doors. They are full of energy, in a hurry, and most times have their hands full of books, sporting equipment, or their phones. When a student walks up to an entrance, they know that one hard yank on the pull will throw the door open so they can walk through without touching it again. But worse yet, when they leave school, add speed to the scenario! School doors get hard forearm slams, swinging gym or book bags, and sometimes feet kicking the exit devices. What power! What force! You need a door that takes such punishment. The SL-17 has done that since 1983!

Solving Your Biggest Headache

If you have not installed this door in your building, you should. In fact, your first installation should be in the entrance system that experiences a high level of abuse. When asked the right questions, many educational facility managers know where they should try the SL-17 first. Where is your biggest door headache? Is this the door that needs weekly hardware adjustments? What about the door you are constantly repainting because of dirt and graffiti? Or is it the door that always looks like it’s 20 years old or plagued with rust? Yes – THAT entrance.

The SL-17 FRP Door is guaranteed to last, and the hardware we installed stays on the door for ten years! Just imagine the long life of the SL-17 FRP Entrance in all your hallways! Why is the SL-17 FRP Door such an over-performer? The easy answer is: due to design, modern materials, craftsmanship, and pride.


  • Fiber reinforced polymer face sheets for toughness, longevity, and color personalization
  • SpecLite 3 surface seal to promote
    • Resistance to scratches and graffiti
    • Hygiene
    • Super easy clean-up
  • Aluminum chassis for flexural strength
  • Stiles and rails are joined with mitered corners and angle blocks secured by 3/8″ (9.5mm) diameter full-width galvanized steel tie rods
  • Closed-cell, high-density polyurethane foam core for thermal and acoustical performance and water-tight composition
Building Applications

For problem entrances or challenging environments, you can’t beat the super-strong SL-17 from Special-Lite®. It is the informed choice for K-12 schools, public buildings, sports complexes, water and wastewater treatment facilities, and other applications that quickly damage or even destroy lesser doors. Our SL-17 FRP Door has passed a host of other industry-standard tests as well, including:

  • Impact tests
  • Air leakage and thermal transmittance tests
  • Hurricane testing (Florida & Texas)
  • Sound transmission tests
  • And more!

Product Ratings and Performance