Flush Vision Panel

Add Flush Vision Panels to our Fiberglass Doors for a crevice-free, water-tight seal; perfect for clean room doors and more.

A black flush vision panel on a white background.

Flush Vision Panels for Clean Room Doors

Flush Vision Panels (SL-FVP) are fully sealed glazed units which utilize the latest in glass technology to meet the demands of the modern, multi-functional operating theater or research laboratory. Add Flush Vision Panels to our fiberglass doors, which along with our fiberglass frames are well-suited for sterile environments. They are ideal for use as clean room doors, laboratory doors, vivarium doors, pharmaceutical manufacturing doors, and more. Add Flush Vision Panels for a crevice-free, water-tight seal allowing the doors to be thoroughly cleaned.

SL-FVP Flush Vision Panel

Door Model Options

  • AF-100 Smooth Pultruded Fiberglass Door
  • AF-200 Smooth Composite Fiberglass Door
  • AF-217 Pebble Grain Composite Fiberglass Door
  • AF-220 Sandstone Texture┬áComposite Fiberglass Door
  • SL-17 Pebble Grain FRP Hybrid Door
  • SL-20 Sandstone Texture FRP Hybrid Door

Vision Panel Border Color Options

  • Black or White
  • Sealant to match border color

Standard Flush Vision Panel Sizes

  • SQ – 10″ x 10″ Square Lite
  • SL – 4″ x 25″ Slim Lite
  • NL – 6″ x 28″ Narrow Lite
  • HL – 20″ x 28″ Half Lite

Custom Flush Vision Panel Sizes Available

  • CL – Custom Size (Max size not to exceed 4 sq feet, height must be greater than or equal to width)

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