Rustic Wood Grain FireSafe20 Fire-Rated FRP Door (20-Min.)

Make the inside look as good as the outside. FireSafe20 models come in the same great finishes as our other products. Available in Pebble Grain, Sandstone Texture, Contemporary Wood Grain, and Rustic Wood Grain.

A brown wooden door on a white background.

Special-Lite® Fire doors are vital to a building’s passive fire protection system. When properly installed and maintained, they will help compartmentalize a building to protect occupants and property from the spread of smoke and flames and provide a safe means of egress during a fire. Purchasing fire-rated doors and framing from one vendor can minimize costs and shorten lead time. 

Our 20-Minute doors round out our fire-rated product offerings, allowing you to order from one manufacturer. More durable than wood, plastic laminate, and other less resilient materials, FireSafe20 FRP doors offer you a longer life, less maintenance, and look beautiful.

FireSafe20 doors come in several finishes and colors to meet your needs. From the modern look of our contemporary wood grain to our most durable pebble grain skin, featuring SpecLite3® for superior graffiti resistance, FireSafe20 doors provide added structural benefits and fire code adherence for classroom doors, interior hotel room doors, office doors, and more.

Technical Information

Door Edges

Fiberglass Edges Standard

  • 0.090” Smooth Fiberglass will be applied to all 4 sides of the door and painted to match the color of the face sheet
  • Same edge as our AF-FR Series Doors


  • Stainless Steel 
  • Stainless steel U-Channel will be applied to all 4 sides of the door
  • Corners will be Tig Welded
  • Same edge as the SL-FR Series Doors

Hollow Metal

  • 2” x 5.75” – Primed Only

1030 Insert and Capping

FR-Series Fiberglass

  • 5.75” or 6.75”
  • 2” or 4” Header

Fire-Rated Omega® Interior Aluminum Framing (Type II Frame).

Fire-Rated Aluminum Retrofit Framing.

Standard Sizes
  • 3’0” x 6’8”
  • 3’0” x 7’0”
  • 3’0” x 8’0”
  • 3’6” x 7’0”
  • 4’0” x 7’0”
  • 4’0” x 8’0” Max. Size

Custom sizes are available for an extra cost and a 2 weeks additional lead time.


Vision Lites

  • Factory Glazing.
  • Steel vision kit with 1/4” fire-rated glass.
  • Maximum 704 in² in listed and labeled kit for positive pressure applications using listed glazing. Minimum 5” from the top or edge of the door to the lite cutout and a minimum of 5” from the latch cutout to the lite cutout.
  • Maximum 32” high.
  • Maximum 22” wide.


All hardware must be listed and labeled in mineral core fire doors.

  • EPT Units
    • Allowed between the top and middle hinge locations.
    • 1/16” maximum clearance per side when installing EPT.
    • Limited to a maximum of 60 min positive and neutral pressure applications.
    • Intumescent caulk or strips are required on the bottom, top, and side of the EPT device.

Hardware Schedule

  • Hinges Per NFPA 80, Table

Locking Hardware

  • Single-point latching on singles, 4-point latching for pairs.
  • Must be listed for use with wood-core fire doors.
  • Rim x Rim with listed mullion allowed for pairs.

Surface Bolts

Protection plates

  • Brass, bronze, steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, or decorative laminate maximum 12 from the bottom rail.

Product Ratings and Performance

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