A light grey HMR-FRP door on a white background.

Introducing the Special-Lite Hollow Metal Replacement FRP Door, In-Stock and Ready to Install

Special-Lite is excited to introduce our Hollow Metal Replacement FRP (HMR-FRP) Door. Unlike the custom commercial FRP doors we are known for, these doors will be available in four standard door sizes and priced comparable to commercial metal, steel, and hollow metal replacement doors.

A patented, innovative Lock Pocket that is adaptive to a cylindrical lock, mortise lock, or exit device adds to the versatility of this customer-focused option.

“The biggest issue with metal doors is that they rust, and you must replace them every couple of years. They also require regular painting and maintenance. The HMR-FRP door will not rust, doesn’t need to be painted, and is low maintenance. It will save a lot of time and money over the life of the door,” said Alex Esposito, Vice President of Product Engineering, Sales, and Marketing for Special-Lite.

Special-Lite HMR-FRP doors are lightweight and designed to compete directly with commercial steel, metal, and hollow metal replacement doors.

The Benefits of FRP

The construction of the company’s FRP doors makes them immune to moisture, so they will not rust. Plus, unlike traditional commercial metal doors, the HMR-FRP door features a Sandstone-textured light grey face sheet that resists dents and scratches. It also does not require painting, so it’s ready to install as soon as it arrives.  

Hollow Metal Replacement FRP Doors ready to install.

Hollow Metal Replacement FRP Doors Highlights

  • 5-year warranty
  • Lifetime warranty against rust
  • Aluminum interior door frame with mitered corners, positive corner bracket joinery
  • Square stiles for a non-handed door
  • Light Grey Sandstone-Textured Door Face
  • Foamed–in–place construction with a closed-cell foam core
  • Reinforced door top to accommodate standard commercial door closers
  • Undersized for continuous gear hinge
  • Innovative, patented Adjustable Lock Pocket is adaptable to a cylindrical, mortise, or exit device. Also available without Adjustable Lock Pocket.
  • Flush bottoms allow for a field-applied surface sweep at the bottom
  • Four standard sizes: 3’0” x 6’8”, 3’0” x 7’0”, 3’6” x 7’0”, 4’0” x 7’0”

How to Get These Hollow Metal Replacement Doors

Special-Lite’s HMR-FRP door will be sold through limited distribution throughout the United States. at a price competitive with metal replacement doors. To locate the nearest distributor, contact your local Special-Lite Representative.