Special-Lite Introduces “All-Fiberglass” Doors

New AF Series products offer corrosion and impact resistance; also support healthcare and food industry sterilization requirements.

DECATUR, MI – Special-Lite, Inc. has announced the addition of two new All-Fiberglass (AF) series of doors and frames to the Special-Lite® line of heavy-duty entrance systems. Included are AF-100 Series doors, the industry’s only unitized, hermetically sealed, fully “pultruded” doors. Also included are AF-200 Series doors, which feature a completely sealed design with a range of finish options – including pebble grain, sandstone-textured and wood grain – shared with the company’s SL-Series doors.

Roger Stempky, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said “These new additions to the Special-Lite line reflect the quality and durability that have long been associated with the Special-Lite brand. The All-Fiberglass or ‘AF’ designation enables architects, specifiers and end-users to identify the products as suitable for applications requiring high corrosion and impact resistance, as well as easy sterilization for healthcare and food industry environments.”

Stempky said “AF-100 Series doors are the former Industrial Series all-fiberglass pultruded products previously offered under the Universal Pultrusions brand and widely recognized as highly durable and corrosion resistant solutions, with a smooth, simple and elegant finish.” He said the renamed products will now be available exclusively through the Special-Lite sales organization as part of the Special-Lite line. The company will continue to produce its pultruded doors in Marshall, Arkansas.

According to Stempky, “The AF-200 Series doors represent a new product innovation, marrying all-fiberglass technology with popular Special-Lite face sheet textures to create a completely sealed door with versatile and attractive finish options compatible with our SL Series products.” The AF-200 Series will also be available exclusively through the SpecialLite sales organization. Complete information about AF-100 and AF-200 Series products may be obtained at www.special-lite.com.

About Special-Lite, Inc. Special-Lite manufacturers engineered architectural products, which includes commercial entrance systems, interior aluminum (Type II) framing with swing or sliding aluminum framed doors, and FRP restroom partitions. Our complete entrance system products are fiberglass or aluminum flush doors with many door face texture options including wood grain, aluminum monumental (stile & rail) doors, fiberglass and aluminum framing. Our engineered, made to order architectural products are used in new construction and renovation projects for educational, commercial, institutional, industrial and municipal applications. The company was founded in 1971 and pioneered the use of fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) material for door skins in the early 1980’s, and today is the largest volume producer of commercial FRP doors in the United States.

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