Three vision panels, from left to right: black, light grey and without a privacy screen.

Special-Lite Introduces New Flush Vision Panels for Fiberglass and FRP Doors in Sterile environments

Special-Lite has expanded its vision panel options to even more applications; the company officially announced this week in a press release. The new Flush Vision Panel and Privacy Vision Panels are ideal for sterile environments.

The manufacturer’s doors and frames are known for providing secure entrance solutions in high-traffic and even abusive facilities, but that same technology outperforms the alternatives in interior environments thanks to the manufacturer’s access to exclusive materials, engineered design and manufacturing process.  

These vision panels are perfect for general cleanroom environments, pharmaceutical manufacturing, animal holding and care ​facilities, hospitals and operating theaters, research facilities, food production ​spaces, and laboratories.

“The key is the vision panels are fully sealed and installed flush in our fiberglass and FRP doors. Not only are the doors extremely durable and corrosion free, but they also now provide light and optional privacy, all while meeting the strict requirements of sterile environments,” said Alex Esposito, Vice President of Product Engineering, Sales and Marketing.

A render image showing the new flush vision panel.

Designed to be combined with Special-Lite’s fiberglass and FRP doors, the construction of the company’s all-fiberglass AF model doors creates a monolithic structure, hermetically sealed and immune to moisture and corrosive gasses or liquids. 

Unlike traditional lite kits, the vision panels provide a fully sealed, internal glazed, flush window that provides a crevice-free, watertight seal. The fully sealed privacy Flush Vision Panel offers an interstitial operable blind.

The resin used in fiberglass production also complies with all regulatory requirements of the FDA cGMP. Likewise, the finish on these doors makes for easy cleanup. Coordinating fire-rated door models are another option. 

Those attending the 2022 DHI conNextions Conference in Pittsburgh got to see these new products firsthand. 

A render of the privacy flush vision panel with an interstitial operable blind. The width of the kit is narrow.