Adjustable Bottom Brush

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Adjustable Bottom Brush

Reduce Air, Light, and Vermin Infiltration under Door Bottoms

One of the challenges of getting a good installation of exterior doors on new construction projects is dealing with irregularities in final floor conditions. Even slight variations from as-drawn configurations can make achieving a good weather-tight fit at the bottom of the door difficult, creating air leaks that compromise HVAC system efficiency and waste energy.

To compensate for out-of-level or out-of-position final floors, as well as normal settling of older buildings, Special-Lite® offers a concealed Adjustable Bottom Brush unit that can be adjusted as required at the time of door installation to provide the best fit. This patent-pending device features two nylon bristle brushes to create a weather-tight seal with any style threshold. Two adjustment screws at the hinge stile side of the door allow either side or both sides of the brush insert to be moved from .15″ (3.8mm) extended to .74″ (18.8mm) fully extended. The brush is easily adjustable as required.

Adjustable from .15″ to .74″ (3.8mm to 18.8mm) on either side or both sides

  • Available for door widths from 1′ to 4′ (305mm to 1219mm)
  • Specify as a factory-installed option in new Special-Lite® Flush and Monumental Doors
  • Easily retrofit into existing Special-Lite® Flush and Monumental Doors
  • Compatible with most commercial hardware, contact factory for exceptions.
  • Tested for over 1.5 million open and close cycles with no change in adjustment
  • Salt spray tested to 500 hours

Note: This product is not compatible with concealed vertical rods.