Aluminum Louvers

An image of a tan slatted louver on a white background.


Special-Lite® custom manufactures louvers to specification for mounting inside doors, transoms, and side lites. Our louver units utilize an inverted “Y”-type fixed vane. For added security and aesthetics, vanes are secured by rivets around the outside of the frame, inaccessible and hidden from view. Insect screens are also available. Louvers are available in any of our anodized finishes or painted colors. Louvers may be specified in any size or configuration, subject to the following guidelines:

  • Consult the factory when total louver area exceeds 50% of the foam area of the door.
  • To avoid hardware conflicts, louvers should be located at least 8″ (203mm) from the top, 12″ (305mm) from the bottom and 7″ (178mm) from the sides of the door.