Aluminum Vision Lite Kit for 6-Panel Door

An aluminum window with a glass panel.

CL Series

Aluminum 6-panel style vision lights can be fabricated in sizes to match the panels of our SL-18 6-Panel Wood Grain Fiberglass Door. The kit may be specified for all six panels (top, middle, and bottom). Typically painted to match the color of the door face sheet, it can be anodized or painted—available for ¼” (6.4mm) and 1” (25mm) thick glazing.

Vision Lite Recommendations:

  • Discuss with a Special-Lite® Representative if the total vision lite area will exceed 50% of the foamed area of the door.
  • Avoid hardware conflicts by locating kits at least 8” (203mm) from the top of the door, 12” (305mm) from the bottom of the door, and 7” (178mm) from the sides of the door.
  • Special hardware, such as concealed vertical rods, require engineering review when the cutout area is near the latch stile.