Recessed Door Pull for Flush Doors

A green door with a white and green frame.

SL-82 Recessed Door Pull for Flush Doors

Our Flush Pulls Add Style and Improve Safety and Security

Special-Lite® Recessed Door Pulls are an ideal choice for doors adjacent to active areas like foyers and gymnasiums where the absence of any projections above the door surface improves safety.  Since there’s no way to attach a rope or chain with a hook, our recessed door pulls help protect against vandalism and forced entry. They also look great.

SL-82 DIMENSIONS: 8 1 ⁄2″ High 6″ Wide 1 3 ⁄8″ Recess Depth 7″ High x 2″ Wide Grip Surface The SL-82 Recessed Pull is for flush doors. 


Pulls and Push Bars as Durable as Our Doors

Door Pulls and Push Bars are manufactured to the same high-quality standards as all our products and are specifically designed to complement our door and framing products visually. Door pull and push bars of extruded aluminum can be specified in the same anodized finishes available for our door and framing products. And as with our other products, all anodized finishes are Class 1 (0.7mil/.018mm) as standard.


Simplify field installation with factory-applied hardware  

Special-Lite offers a selection of hardware products that can be effective in reducing installation costs, improving entrance safety and security, and extending entrance life. We will apply our hardware or hardware by others at no additional charge beyond hardware prep charges. Factory-installed hardware not only fits better, but the installation is warranted not to come loose under normal usage for a full 10 years. Or, if you prefer, we can simply prep for the field installation of hardware. 


A complete entrance from a single source  

Special-Lite manufactures complete entrance solutions—doors, frames, and panels. Enjoy the convenience, reliability and performance advantages of having a complete, ready-to-install entrance supplied by a single source, delivered to the job site in a single, on-time shipment. Single-sourcing ensures proper fit for doors and frames, correct hardware operation, exact finish match, and longer entrance life. We can even ship doors with hardware and glass installed, significantly reducing expensive job site labor and installation time, and preventing last-minute problems