Back of House Doors

Doors That Hold Up to Heavy Use & Abuse

Our doors and frames have been tested for decades by some of the toughest users on earth: K-12 students. Restaurant back-of-house doors can experience moisture, impacts, temperature fluctuations, frequent traffic, and more. Special-Lite Doors are up for the challenge! Beyond reliability testing, we test our products for thermal efficiency, impact and intrusion resistance, and more.

Easy to Clean, Sanitize, and Mold Free

Moisture-resistant construction and materials protect against mold, mildew, and bacteria and can be easily wiped clean with almost any cleaner. Special-Lite Doors and Frames are FDA & USDA Compliant.

For the ultimate durable, easy to clean, and even graffiti-resistant surface, our doors with SpecLite 3 FRP have a unique surface treatment that compared to ordinary FRP is up to 10x more cleanable, 6x more stain-resistant, and 2x more abrasion-resistant. 

Reliable, Rust-Free Operation

We build our doors with resilient materials like aluminum and FRP—no rust or rotting to tarnish your image. With a door that functions as needed, keeps the building secure, and keeps a clean appearance for years to come – you may even forget it’s there.

Our doors hold up to busy restaurants, and more

Watch us put this door to the test!

Don’t let unsightly doors tarnish the appearance of your restaurant

Hollow metal doors are often the budget-friendly choice of new restaurant builds. However, in as little as two years, these doors can begin rusting and showing denting from use. Hot and cold conditions cause expansion and contraction, warping the door and causing strain and damage to expensive hardware. 

The issues are beyond cosmetic, as door and frame deterioration and ill-fitting hardware pose security and pest risks to the building, as well as letting heating and cooling escape. In addition, deteriorating finishes are difficult to clean and keep sanitary. 

Say goodbye to maintenance and replacement

Our doors and frames aren’t candidates for rust, rotting, or warping. Heavy-duty yet lightweight door construction puts far less stress on frames and hardware compared to other heavy-duty doors, keeping your openings secure. Maintenance and repair on your openings can be avoided, so you can use your O&M budget for other things!

The above photo is taken with an infrared camera and shows heat loss on the exterior wall of a building. The Flush Door on left is a Special-Lite® SL-17 Door, compared to the drastic heat loss that is evident with the Aluminum Plank Door on the right! Proof that energy and money are saved when you install Special-Lite Doors. 

Are Your Energy Dollars Going Out the Door?

Exterior doors and frames play an important role in the overall energy efficiency of a building. 

Exterior doors and frames can stand in the way of your building’s thermal efficiency. As in other areas, care should be taken to specify products that limit thermal exchange, or transfer of heat from one side of the door and frame to the other.

Branded Entrances

Doors you can depend on.  

  • We build custom doors and frames by hand to meet your exact brand specifications.
  • We’ll 86 the need for door replacements on all your chain’s locations. Our doors and frames are built to last and are engineered for high use & abuse.

We can design a custom entrance system that can reinforce your restaurant branding. We have done so for national restaurant chains and local cafes. Color, material, and hardware choices all play a role here. And our products offer tremendous flexibility to make this happen.

An Endless Menu to Brand Your Restaurant. 

Today’s Special: Your Brand, Our Doors

We support your branding with resilient materials that save you money on repair, replacement, and thermal efficiency. Try a Special-Lite Door on us!

How it works…

  • Fill out the form with your information.
  • A Special-Lite National Accounts representative will contact you to discuss your restaurants, goals, needs, and which entrances we could make the most impact.
  • The National account representative will complete an application for “try-me” entrances.
  • Approved applications receive an entrance at no cost.
  • We’re confident you’ll love our doors!