Branded Aluminum Doors

Design Options that Set Your Building Apart

Restaurant entrance doors are an integral part of first impressions. Special-Lite offers nearly infinite custom options to support your unique branding with resilient materials that save you money on repair, replacement, and thermal efficiency.

Heavy-Duty Without Extra Weight

You don’t have to sacrifice design flexibility and hardware options by committing to a heavy 2” door. Our 1 ¾” thick doors are engineered and built for performance.

Durability & design versatility in a full-vision door

Monumental Aluminum Doors

  • Our design provides durability and long life that you won’t get from other stile and rail doors. We’ve engineered our monumental doors to stand up to the rigors of high-traffic and abusive entrances while avoiding unnecessary weight that would compromise the longevity of the entrance and hardware. 
  • Exclusive Mid-Panel options: Inspired by our foamed-in-place doors, the Mid-Panel is a Special-Lite exclusive that protects the center portion of the door in locations prone to heavy traffic. Choose from almost any of our door face materials & textures – or add your logo or branding message.
  • Special-Lite offers nearly infinite custom options to outfit your entrances. Pictured are just a few of the options you have with Special-Lite Monumental Doors.

On a Mission to Build the Brand – With Doors that Stay Beautiful

“Early on, we had been using wood doors, but we had challenges with warping and maintenance issues due to the heavy traffic these doors experience. We then discovered the more resilient doors of Special-Lite in an American Cherry wood grain finish that fulfills our initial design intent. They look great and hold up well to the heavy use.” 

Kevin Lorei, Senior Architect, Alan Hamm Architects 

Lightweight beauty, not light duty

Aluminum Flush Doors

  • When aesthetic considerations are as important as ease of maintenance and long life, our Aluminum Flush Doors are the perfect answer. They are an attractive, easy-care option for commercial applications subject to moderate to heavy traffic. 
  • These aluminum doors offer excellent design flexibility and feature an elegant, contemporary look. Choose from smooth, fluted, or embossed aluminum in an anodized or painted finish. Stainless steel is also available!
  • The core of our Aluminum Flush Door is not just a passive filler. After the door has been completely assembled, the core material is injected using our proprietary foam injection technology. This strong, lightweight, structural foam bonds to the rails, stiles, reinforcements, and face sheets to transform the door into a solid, completely sealed unit with incredible flexural strength. This core cannot absorb or be damaged by water!

Branded Entrances

Make your Entrance Special.  

The first impression a customer gets walking into your restaurant are the doors. We believe restaurant doors can be as impactful as your outdoor signage!

  • We build custom doors and frames by hand to meet your exact brand specifications.
  • We’ll 86 the need for door replacements on all your chain’s locations. Our doors and frames are built to last and are engineered for high use & abuse.

We can design a custom entrance system that can reinforce your restaurant branding. We have done so for national restaurant chains and local cafes. Color, material, and hardware choices all play a role here. And our products offer tremendous flexibility to make this happen.

An Endless Menu to Brand Your Restaurant. 

Today’s Special: Your Brand, Our Doors

We support your branding with resilient materials that save you money on repair, replacement, and thermal efficiency. Try a Special-Lite Door on us!

How it works…

  • Fill out the form with your information.
  • A Special-Lite National Accounts representative will contact you to discuss your restaurants, goals, needs, and which entrances we could make the most impact.
  • The National account representative will complete an application for “try-me” entrances.
  • Approved applications receive an entrance at no cost.
  • We’re confident you’ll love our doors!