Submittal Guide

Follow our guide to getting all the information you need for submittals!

Download PDF Product Data and Literature

If you need PDF product literature (brochures, sales sheets, architectural details, CAD drawings, color charts, warranties, cleaning recommendations), please visit our Resource Center by selecting “Visit Resource Center,” or you can simply go to the product page of the product you are submitting to download all relevant documents!

Already Have a Login for Ordering Samples and Printed Literature?

If you already have a User ID and Password, please select “Continue” below to leave Special-Lite’s website and visit the Samples and Literature ordering site! All orders placed before 6 PM EST will ship the same day. You may see a value add up for your order, but there is NEVER a charge!

Need a Login to Order Samples Online?

If you need to order Special-Lite standard samples and literature frequently, and you are an approved distributor, sales representative, or architect, please fill out the form below to submit a request to be set up with a login to our online ordering. Note: It may take up to 24 hours to process your request and provide login information. Please see options below if you need samples or printed literature immediately.

Want us to order Samples and Printed Literature for You?

If you won’t be ordering very often– maybe you just need samples for a specific project or submittal– you can simply request that samples be sent to you. You can visit our Find a Rep page to look up your sales representative and contact them for samples. Please fill out the form below if you would like to contact the Marketing department for a sample or with any questions on standard samples and digital or printed literature. Note: Marketing cannot process custom samples.