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Aluminum Entrance Doors and FRP Doors, Fiberglass FRP Entry Doors and Door Frames

Special-Lite has been providing high quality eco-friendly commercial aluminum doors, fiberglass FRP entry doors, aluminum FRP doors and frames for over 40 years. As the original innovators of Aluminum FRP Entrance Doors; We pride ourselves in manufacturing quality commercial architectural doors and frames that withstand the harshest environments. The SL-17 FRP Door is the perfect illustration of our expertise in the commercial door manufacturing circle.

Aluminum Entrance Doors

Our aluminum entrance doors have set the standard for superior craftsmanship, and they comprise of the following doors: SL-14 Narrow Stile and Rail Door, SL-15 Wide Stile and Rail Door, SL-16 Aluminum Flush Door and the Aluminum Plank Door.

FRP Doors

We have continued to make great strides in perfecting our custom aluminum and FRP Door Systems. The SL-17 FRP Aluminum Door is one of our most popular doors. Initially introduced into the market as the School Door, this door has stood up to the challenge of environments with a high level of abuse. In addition to that it can withstand the effects of hurricanes. Among the advantages of owning this door is the fact that is lightweight and installation is quick and easy. It has a long lasting durable Pebble Grain Finish and a Wood Grain Finish among the many finishes we provide, meaning that there is no need ever to paint the door. It comes with an available factory installed continuous hinge or a flush pull. This door is also fire rated for up to 90 minutes. Among the other perks that come with this door, include a very good thermal rating and an impeccable hurricane rating for this door that in turn mitigates the deleterious effects of hurricanes. It therefore begs the question, "Why would you want any other door?" In addition to that, the door has the option of being installed with aluminum louvers, lites, and mullions.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

Our FRP Doors undergo a pultrusion process which renders the frp doors immune to warping, fading or cracking. The pultrusion process guarantees that our fiberglass exterior doors are second to none when it comes to strength and quality. They will never succumb to rust and being hermetically sealed; they are the perfect choice for laboratories or sterile facilities such as restaurants and hospitals. In addition to that our doors are impervious to graffiti since they will wipe clean and this can be a great asset for schools or public places that experience a high degree of abuse. The AF-100 Door is the only door manufactured using the pultrusion process in an industry-exclusive technique originally pioneered by Universal Pultrusions, LLC. Special-Lite® All-Fiberglass Composite Fiberglass Flush Doors include four models constructed with pultruded FRP stiles and rails and factory bonded face sheets for durability. All models are identical except for the FRP face sheet texture: AF-100 smooth, AF-217 pebble grain, AF-220 sandstone-textured and coming soon - a wood grain option.

Our different entrance doors all facilitate, meet or exceed the demands of architects, engineers, owners, dealers, designers, and contractors. Our doors are the perfect fit for your commercial, governmental, educational, industrial, recreational, or transportation demands. We pride ourselves here at Special-Lite not only as manufacturers but also innovators.

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Interior Aluminum Flush Entrance Doors & Frames

Aluminum and FRP Entrance Doors

Since 1971 Special-Lite has engineered and manufactured custom fabricated commercial aluminum entrance door systems and architectural product solutions. For over 40 years Architects, General Contractors, and Facility Managers have relied on Special-Lite for quality engineered, high-performance entrance systems, designed to hold up under extreme use and abuse, delivering the lowest total life cycle cost.

Special-Lite is recognized for its expertise in the processing and production of aluminum and FRP entrance doors and door frames. Our comprehensive product portfolio has solved a broad set of needs in both standard and custom applications for interior and exterior entrance door requirements. From our heavy duty commercial aluminum entrance doors and interior glass framing systems, our industry leading fiberglass flush door family of products, to our interior aluminum glass office fronts, we offer an extensive best-in-class product offering.

Our standard and custom products support most any building type, with special expertise in educational, governmental, healthcare, food/chemical/pharmaceutical production, retail, commercial office space, and or large event or sports venues.

Special-Lite offers a wide variety of products to solve your entrance challenges.

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Project Profiles

Special-Lite gets standing ovation at Bravo Restaurant in Kalamazoo Michigan

Bravo Restaurant

uses SL-19 AMP Wood Grain Aluminum Flush Entrance Doors for the warm appearance of wood without the upkeep of real wood
SL-17 FRP School Door is the door of choice for this LEED certified High Schoool

Whitmore Lake High School

uses the SL-17 Pebble Grain FRP Door, a.k.a. “The School Door,” as the door of choice for LEED® Certification.
SL-17 FRP Door at Newark Unified School District

Newark Unified School District

turned to the SL-17 Pebble Grain FRP Doors to cut back on maintenance costs involved with previous hollow metal doors.
SL-17 Flush Aluminum Entrance Doors used in a Prescott USD

Prescott High School

found a solution to frequent break-ins and maintenance headaches by replacing their doors with the SL-17 Pebble Grain FRP Aluminum Exterior Doors.