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SLI–12 - Narrow Stile
SLI–14 - Medium Stile
SLI–15 - Wide Stile 


Special-Lite’s Interior Aluminum Framed Door adds privacy to your interior spaces
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Each door is custom fabricated with a combination of hands-on craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing technology, so you can be assured that every door will deliver precise fit, perfect
function, and long life.

Our SLI doors are engineered to integrate with Omega Interior Framing and other manufacturers’ demountable wall systems. In fact, these doors are ideal for any interior framed opening designed for a 1-3/4" door. 

Whether you choose the SLI-12 Narrow Stile, SLI-14 Medium Stile, or the SLI-15 Wide Stile, the best value in a durable full vision interior door is a Special-Lite door. 


SLI–12-Narrow Stile 
Standard Size: 2-3/4" stiles, top rail & bottom rail

• Narrow Stile hardware only. 


SLI–14-Medium Stile 
Standard Size: 4-1/4" stiles, top rail & bottom rail

• Medium Stile hardware only; some narrow stile CVR; custom mortise locks (contact us).


SLI–15-Wide Stile 
Standard Size: 5-1/2" stiles, 4-1/4" top rail & bottom rail

• Wide Stile hardware can be used: cylindrical, mortised, concealed vertical rods.


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