Elephant Doors: Swing Open Frame Units

Extra Large Doors Big Enough for an Elephant!

Do you have large equipment you need to move in or out of your building? Do you have a showroom where you regularly rotate large promotional items, such as trucks or cars? Will you need to occasionally move a large animal, like an elephant, from one building to another? If you shook your head YES to any of these questions, Special-Lite has your solution!

We celebrate Special-Lite’s dedication to bringing engineered solutions to you. We employ entrance designers and skilled craftspeople because we know that our customers sometimes need something out of the ordinary.

Elephant doors represent one such example. Just look at how we met this customer’s need.

Showroom Entrance Solution

You need to move large objects in and out without resorting to ugly roll-up doors.  Indeed, function does not have to trump aesthetics. Working with Special-Lite, a showroom found the perfect solution.

Collaboration between building owner, sales representative, installer, and Special-Lite resulted in a custom designed, large commercial opening, with all of the functionality and design appeal desired. The design uses an aluminum frame system that can swing out of the opening for ‘moving’ day, yet integrates manually operated or automated doors for everyday use! In this case, the side hinged frame sections and doors are equipped with continuous gear hinges for ease of use and durability, eliminating the need for trackways and side clearances. The frame units are locked down with flush bolts on top and bottom when closed to provide added security. You have the option for removable center posts for rigid support in securing the doors.

Beautiful Doors with Secret Superpowers!

Special-Lite® Elephant Doors provide a brilliant solution for accommodating the passage of large objects in and out of a facility. They are perfect entrance solutions for shopping malls, convention centers, sports arenas, dealership showrooms, zoos, and museums.

Intrigued? Meet with one of our Special-Lite Reps and find out what we can do for your building!