A bathroom with a black door that has undergone required ASTM E-84 testing for fiberglass doors.

Is ASTM E-84 testing required for Fiberglass Doors and Frames?

Understanding the importance of ASTM E-84 testing when specifying commercial fiberglass doors and frames for your project is extremely important. Fiberglass doors and frames are popular due to their durability, low maintenance requirements, and ease of customization. Now more than ever, it is crucial to understand the required fire safety standards and testing requirements of fiberglass doors and frames to meet those standards. 

What is ASTM E-84?

ASTM E-84 is the standard test for assessing the surface burning and smoke development characteristics of interior finishes to evaluate their overall fire performance.

You may be familiar with this test standard in reference to laminates and wall coverings such as FRP wall panels – but doors and frames are also considered an interior finish! You may see UL 723 and NFPA 255 used interchangeably with ASTM E-84 in the International Building Code.

How to Evaluate Fiberglass Doors and Frames

When specifying fiberglass doors and frames for your projects, select products that have undergone ASTM E-84 testing and have received a Class A rating.

Class A-rated materials have a low flame spread index (0 – 25) and smoke-developed index (0 – 450), indicating excellent fire resistance properties.

There are often significant differences in manufacturing techniques and performance for fiberglass doors and frames. Be aware of class ratings on individual fiberglass components such as resin, as this test standard requires a completed product “self-supported by its own structural quality.”

Some manufacturers of fiberglass doors and frames may also list individual test results from ASTM-E84 that did not result in a class rating. 

You can be assured by requiring ASTM E-84 testing and a Class A fire rating that the products you specify for your fire doors meet the necessary fire safety standards and provide a safe and reliable solution for your project.

Flame Spread IndexSmoke-Developed Index
Class A0 – 25 0 – 450
Class B26 – 750 – 450
Class C76 – 2000 – 450

Checklist: Interior Fiberglass Door Flame and Smoke Spread Recommendations

In summary, when specifying fiberglass doors and frames for your project, we recommend:

  • Requiring products that have undergone ASTM E-84 testing and received a Class A fire rating.
  • Verify that the products you specify meet the required fire safety standards.

How Special-Lite Can Help

Specify the Special-Lite Commercial Fire Doors and Frames listed below that meet the Class A rating for the ASTM E-84 test:

Flame SpreadSmoke DevelopedASTM E-84 RatingDocumentation
AF-100≤ 25≤ 450Class AView
SL-17≤ 25≤ 450Class AView
SL-20≤ 25≤ 450Class AView
SL-19-1≤ 25≤ 350Class AView
AF-200≤ 25≤ 450Class AView
AF-217≤ 25≤ 450Class AView
AF-220≤ 25≤ 450Class AView
AF-219-1 ≤ 25≤ 450Class AView

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