Special-Lite Retires Use of the Term “AMP”

Special-Lite coined the term AMP to stand for Acrylic Modified Plastic to differentiate its wood grain face sheet from other textures of FRP. The term is however synonymous with FRP and not widely recognized or valuable in the specifying community. To avoid confusion, we are retiring the term and replacing it with FRP. Other terms commonly used interchangeably with FRP are GRP and Fiberglass. 

Products that were described as having an AMP face sheet include: SL-18, SL-19, SL-19FR, AF-219, and AF-219FR, as well as any panels using these face sheets. Rustic Wood Grain FRP (formerly known as AMP) face sheets as featured on the SL-19, SL-19FR, AF-219, and AF-219FR are .120″ thick, authentic oak species wood grain replication. Colonial Wood Grain FRP (formerly known as AMP) face sheets also feature authentic oak species wood grain replication but offer the appearance of a traditional 6-panel colonial style wood door.

Updates to the website, fulfillment center website, and PDF documents to reflect this change are completed. Printed collateral will be replaced as it runs out.