A bathroom with two stalls and a mirror.

Design Versatility and Color Choices Extend To Bathroom Partitions

You asked we listened! Special-Lite is excited to announce new color additions to our reputable bathroom partition product line. 

Commercial bathrooms are dirty and prone to vandalism, graffiti, and general all-around shenanigans, making them a huge building maintenance pain point.

Our Bathroom Partitions are engineered to offer to be a solution for a variety of needs and applications.

That includes Toilet Partitions, Urinal Screens, Shower Stalls, and Changing Rooms. Engineered for privacy, there are no sightlines. Our lightweight panels simplify installation, and we offer all ADA configurations.

Our through-colored FRP finishes feature SpecLite 3® surface sealant to resist graffiti, scratches, and abuse – all while providing ten times the cleanability of standard FRP!

However, even a great product can’t be improved even further.

While our neutral finishes in partitions have suited many aesthetics, we knew there were not enough finish options. We’re excited to launch six new colors (listed below) based on current trends in partitions to offer more design options and versatility.

These finishes feature the same SpecLite 3® finish that schools across the country have come to depend on, and they coordinate with many of our commercial door finishes.

High-Performance Finishes

Chart showing the options listed below.

Special-Lite’s exclusive SpecLite 3® FRP Bathroom Partitions are available in two finish types, Basic and Standard, with a total of 11 colors.

The aluminum perimeter frame is provided in a Clear, Class 1 Anodized finish.

Basic Grade SpecLite 3 FRP: Colonial White, Pearl Grey. Soft Beige

Standard Grade Pebble Grain SpecLite 3 FRP: Black, White, Blue, Light Grey, Slate Grey, Seawolf, Sage Brown

Download a PDF showing our Bathroom Partition Finish Selections.

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