A water treatment plant featuring blue and green pipes made of SpecLite3® FRP.

SpecLite3® FRP — What Is It?

Entryways that Need Extra Protection

There are certain parts of a building that may see minimal human contact, lessening the chance of germs, mildew, corrosion and abuse. Doors and entryways however are likely to see the most inclination toward quickly becoming battered, unsanitary and damaged. 

Some doors, such as those used in the healthcare industry, biotechnologies, food processing plants, and hatcheries will see regular contact with bacteria. Wastewater treatment plants and overly damp applications require a door that can remain impervious to corrosion. Cleaning protocols are set accordingly within these industries, but often additional safety measures are necessary and/or required. An added complication in choosing the right door can often be tied directly to necessary cleanliness protocols. The highly acidic cleaning supplies needed to properly sanitize and meet that industry’s health code can cause even more damage if the wrong door or framing is selected. 

Standing Strong Against Corrosion and High Abuse

Finding a door that can be easily sanitized, withstand high abuse, high cycle environments and stand strong against corrosion is a lofty task for architects and facilities managers. Often the key is a rigorously tested and proven solution based on the most robust door materials and a sealant for an added layer of protection. Special-Lite’s SpecLIte3 FRP checks all the boxes and more. 

The Original School Door

Special-Lite products are no stranger to high-cycle, high-abuse applications. This includes one of our flagship products, the SL-17 FRP/Aluminum Hybrid. Also known as “The Original School Door.” Given it’s reputation of long life and durability, our SpecLite3 Surfaseal takes this door beyond the school environment. This surface sealant withstands harsh chemicals like SporKlenz and Perdox, allowing the protection it gives to withstand the test of time. Keeping people safe and healthy. Further keeping maintenance to a minimum, this coating resists scratching and denting, will never rust, or require painting. 

Other Uses for SpecLite3®

The perfect combination of strength and resistance to high abuse is with our Special-Lite Restroom Partitions with SpecLite3. Bathrooms aren’t known for being pristine environments but the combination of the same materials used in our renowned FRP doors and a tough sealant like SpecLite3 can keep bathrooms cleaner, with less maintenance. 

The Data Behind It

We’re not ones to tout our excellence without the data to back it. The proof of the endurance of Special-Lite SpecLite3® FRP is in the test results. It’s ability to withstand impact is nearly as great as polycarbonate, comparable to stainless steel but significantly greater than. Impact resistance isn’t the only aspect to a door when it comes to its longevity and durability. With wide ranging weather patterns, sometimes from one town to the next, heat and humidity resistance are also integral to a door’s life. Our product once again proved in ASTM testing that it can withstand high humidity and exposure to sunlight with no notable impact on strength. When our products are installed in varying applications, consideration for types of abuse and wear and tear are critical to quality engineering the ideal solution. Graffiti doesn’t just happen with paint or markers. Scratches can permanently change a door in seconds. With our SpecLite3 FRP, those worries can take a back seat.

Partnerships and Quality Solutions

Special-Lite products are built to give you a product you don’t have to think twice about once installed. We’re also proud to partner with Crane Composites who engineered SpecLite3®. When adding features to our doors, we work with industry leaders and Crane is one of the best. Their rigorous testing means we know the protection of our doors is something we can bank on. Easy-cleaning, resistance to abuse, graffiti, corrosive environments and give you the solutions you need for your build. Contact a Rep to learn more about the added protection we offer with our already high quality and custom engineered products.