SpecLite 3® FRP Bathroom Partitions

A group of urinals in a public restroom.

The Solution for Your Commercial Bathrooms

Let’s face it. There are a lot of choices when it comes to bathroom partitions. You can choose from various toilet partition materials, including stainless steel, solid plastic, plastic laminate, compact laminate, and powder coated…the choices are nearly endless. But can they stand up to the elements like Special-Lite Bathroom Partitions? Our partitions have a foundation as solid as our reputation for commercial doors. Our flagship pebble grain FRP Hybrid door has dominated the K-12 school market for years by providing ideal entryway solutions for tough environments. We brought that same style, reliability, and durability to restrooms, communal shower rooms, urinal screens, and more, so our products will always win the battle against vandalism, graffiti, and abuse.

Our solid surface material partitions, with a closed-cell foam core, save you time, reduce maintenance costs, and keep repairs as simple as cleaning off whatever gets thrown at them. The engineered design stands up to the worst abuse in some of the dirtiest environments, not to mention moisture. The beauty of our design is that we have still created a lightweight, durable product for easy installation that won’t rust. Sturdy doesn’t have to mean heavy, and we considered those product details in any of the uses of our restroom partition products, such as urinal screens, shower stalls, changing rooms, and more.

Our bathroom products were also designed with consideration for the users. Our toilet partitions have no sightlines, meaning utmost privacy. We offer ADA-compliant stalls and configurations to ensure your bathrooms are handicapped accessible.

Where To Use Special-Lite Bathroom Partitions

Special-Lite® Bathroom Partitions have always been popular in K-12 settings, and our variety in aesthetics suits many more applications. Parks with public restroom facilities, public showers, zoos, office buildings, religious buildings, and more. Custom fabricated for each order using the same materials and processes as the Special-Lite® SL-17 Hybrid FRP door, they’re remarkably durable and can withstand mistreatment and willful abuse.  Permanent markers and spray paint can be removed easily, even using green cleaners. Our partitions also stand up to moisture, so they are perfect for corrosive environments that quickly degrade metal bathroom stalls, like those in and around locker rooms, pools, showers, spas, and coastal areas.

Hang Them and Forget Them

The first difference you’ll notice with our toilet partitions is that they are lighter than a comparable steel system. This puts less stress and strain on your toilet partition hardware and wall attachments, not to mention installation crews, and increases overall durability. They are also easy to install with floor-mounted and overhead-braced configurations for mounting options. Don’t think less weight means they’re lightweights; our bathroom partitions are heavy-duty and will stand up to prolonged abuse, just like our doors.

What Do Special-Lite Bathroom Partitions Offer Your Business?

  • No sightlines
  • 50 Years of Refined Engineering
  • ADA Accessible Configurations
  • Easy to Clean
  • Reduced maintenance costs 
  • More Color Options!

Basic Grade Finishes

SpecLite 3® FRP:

  • Colonial White
  • Pearl Grey
  • Soft Beige

Standard Grade Finishes

Pebble Grain SpecLite 3®:

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Light Grey
  • Slate Grey
  • Seawolf
  • Sage Brown